Makers and Marketers: Intro


Hi everybody.

This is our new podcast makers and marketers.

This episode is primarily an intro to take you through the themes we are going to be talking about, who this is relevant for as well as establish some cadence for the future episodes.

With regards to themes, we’re going to be looking into things like growth marketing, digital marketing, outside of platform optimizations and techniques such as strategy planning and forecasting.

Finally we’re going to be aiming to bring guests occasionally just to sort of infuse some outside flavour.

With regards to cadence, we will be doing this episodes once a week, and the themes are going to remain mainly the same.

But the point of that is to bring sort of that expertise, from the outside contacts and gain some more knowledge. Now with regards to who this is more available for: founders / startups /SMEs / but also agencies in general and obviously marketers.

I think primarily the issues we’re going to be discussing, I’m going to be applicable to both, and hopefully, we’re going to be able to sort of bridge the gap between the two.

So this is us and I hope you enjoy.


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