About Adadot

Adadot was born out of necessity and a relentless need to change things for the better. 

Why did we create Adadot?

Adadot was born out of necessity and a relentless need to change things for the better. 

The workplace is shifting rapidly. People want flexibility, office workers want change. Businesses can benefit greatly from the opportunities that remote, project based work can offer. This is where Adadot comes in.

Our story

A few years ago I was heading an ambitious performance marketing team for one of Europe’s most successful startups. The market was moving faster than ever. Challengers and competitors were popping out of nowhere. We were going through a funding round and the potential to scale was enormous.

But amidst all of this I realised that the marketing industry had been left behind the times and was unable to support rapid testing and innovation. The legacy structures in place meant that in-house teams were not properly supported to scale. I needed to test and ship channels fast, discover new growth avenues in unprecedented pace.

The key problems I was facing:

  • Agencies were too slow and too expensive
  • Freelancers were too inconsistent hard to vet
  • Permanent hires were a sizeable investment in both time and effort

It wasn’t just frustrating, it was impacting myself and the business I was working in. 

Surely, there must be a way to scale marketing teams thats at the same time reliable, fast and flexible?

Not long after that I was sitting on a beach in the Athens riviera with my laptop when I realised that there was no reason why a beach couldn’t be my view every day. If I am being completely honest I also hated cramming into the tube carriages on a daily basis. 

I knew that a lot of my highly experienced, crazy-talented friends were feeling the same. Some had recently become parents. Some others had decided to travel. And, finally, there were the misfits. A group of genius marketers who hated office politics and small-talk but could run circles around top industry minds when it came to marketing strategy and execution.

So I set out to bring the two worlds together: brilliance and business. In the fastest, most reliable way.

What do we do?

In essence, we provide bespoke stackable teams of top experts, globally.

We are a Service as a Product offering which means we are neither an agency nor a freelancer marketplace. We do however combine some of the best elements of both. Our experts are supported by our community in the same way that they would be able to lean on collective experience in an agency. We use the same criteria in their selection as we would if we were hiring for our own team. At the same time we offer full flexibility and direct access, without layers of account management and the overheads that come with them.

In essence, we provide access to top experts, globally alongside unique technology and workflow management.

We are therefore best placed to form a reliable extension to any in-house team. But we dont stop there, we can also help you uncover the best marketing mix, experiment with alternative channels and marketing forecasting. Our CMO help service is a way to gain the necessary knowledge around those areas without the overhead.

Our system assembles fully customised teams of senior experts based on your requirements. Creatives, campaign managers, SEOs and copywriters all work together on your project, in one place.

We help improve speed by tapping into on demand, vetted and qualified, marketing expertise quickly and with confidence. We have been delivering award winning teams for top agencies and businesses for over 10 years so you are leveraging all of that experience when working with us.

No long contracts, tying you in. You define your requirements and timings. We are confident that we have some of the world’s top marketers working with us so we know you will be back soon for your next project.

Finally, something that is becoming more and more important for high performing teams: removing bias . Our matching is done on a number of skills based factors removing any other bias around colour, gender, age, or location.

Pulling the right team together: Know any engineers?

This is one of the first questions I was asked when I started talking about the idea of Adadot. And I knew just the one. 

Jason is an engineer extraordinaire. From mechanical engineering, to robotics and software development the man is a walking swiss army knife for building elegant solutions. Jason is also not very keen on working in offices. That one we have in common.

I, on the other hand have worked in marketing for decades. Whether it was running operations for the single largest account in advertising history, changing perception of global computer company, growing an online betting startup to changing the face of modern healthcare 

Throughout all of these years I am also one one the very few marketers that has successfully led and scaled marketing teams in three different specialisms: Display / Programmatic, SEM (PPC/SEO), Social. This is both client and agency side.

The secret? People. And hiring as well as retaining that great talent. Creating opportunities for them to thrive. This is what inspired me to create Adadot. 

Our vision and mission 

Our mission is to become the #1 destination for high growth businesses and “builders” everywhere.

We believe in creating something that will make a lasting impact in the way people work and do business. We are starting with marketing but the broader ambition is to be able to provide out of the box teams across a number of functions for ambitious entrepreneurs and established businesses alike.

As such, our vision is to make remote work, work. We remove key barriers to accessing and managing resource globally.

Our mission is to become the #1 destination for high growth businesses and “builders” everywhere.

Our values

Our values have been a focus from day one. Running through all business critical aspects of design, user experience, technology and operations they are our guiding principles.


We pride ourselves on making it easy for you to assemble and manage a stellar marketing team in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional hire.


Vetting, qualifying, matching, delivering; each step of our unique process has been created with providing an unparalleled service in mind. Our feedback loops give you full control and flexibility.


We thrive on transparency and quality in a way that conventionally structured marketing outfits cannot match. We are giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Don’t just take our word for it. Whether you are a business or an expert see what Adadot can do for you today!

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