The Non Technical Founder Podcast: Intro


This is Alex and I’m the non technical founder of Adadot.

I’m not going to tire you too much with explaining in a lot of detail who we are and what we do. But I will say that we are a technical platform. We are a concierge service between agencies, businesses and startups and marketeers.

The reason why I’m starting this podcast is because I noticed that there’s a lot of resources out there for founders, technical founders, especially female founders, but there’s less specific literature and articles around nontechnical founders and it’s are all going to be quite challenging.

So in terms of what we’re going to be discussing moving forwards are things like:

Why would you want to be a non technical founder of a technical solution in the first place?

How to be the best you could be?

What is a technical founder’s role and what is a non technical founder’s role, how to work well with technical stuff as well as mistakes and learnings.

And to be honest with you guys, I’m going to be learning as I’m going along. This is my first gig. My first try.

So there’s going to be, I guess, more mistakes and learnings than anything. I’m really looking forward to you all joining us in our journey and sort of learning with as as we go along.

Thank you so much for listening and looking forward to seeing you here again.

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