Makers and Marketers: How to create the best explainer video for your business


Hi guys,

This is another episode of Makers and Marketers. Today we’re going to talk about explainers and how to make a really nice explainer for your brand.

In terms of timing, a lot of you might be stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, it so might be a really good point to look back through your branding material.

Look back through the marketing videos you might have for your business already, and assess whether your messaging is really coming through. If the videos are saying what they need to be saying to the right people. As you might have guessed, when it comes to explainer videos, there’s quite a bit of method in the madness. The structure of a good explainer video is almost scientific and I’ll explain that in a little bit of more detail later.

But let’s start with the length.

Invariably, a good explainer video needs to be long enough to make sure that your messaging is really making sense to your audience, making sure that all of your points are being very, very clear. So in essence, what do you end up with? Its one minute to 90 seconds. This is a really good length for an explainer video, especially if you’re a B2B or a software company. You really want to be around the 90 second mark.

Now let’s start with the structure that we briefly mentioned. They’re there. So you have four key elements plus the call to action. You have audience problem, definition, solution and how it works. And lastly you have the call to action right at the end.

Starting with the audience. The one thing you need to be really clear about is the pain points and frustrations of your audience specifically. And in order to use it to do that, you would have had to basically go back and speak to a lot of your potential customers, a lot of your clients previously.

You need to have done your homework for this one. You need to know exactly who you’re speaking to. For example, a digital lead client-site is going to have some very different needs and requirements to the MD of an agency. The language that you need to speak to this people is going to vary and this will affect the next point, which is the problem definition.

Once you’ve defined your audience and you know who you’re speaking to, the next aspect of a good explainer video is the problem definition. Assuming you’ve done your homework, you’ll know that for example, audience A has specific pain points, specific problems. Audience B has some other pain points.

One thing I would recommend definitely doing is actually including some strong stats.

Stats are really important because they’re really quick way for somebody to understand the magnitude of the problem that you’re resolving. Your starts need to be chunky, meaty. So what I’m trying to say with that is that if what you’re trying to say is that 0.2% of people have, you know, this particular problem that’s not particularly strong enough because then you know that the vast majority of people don’t actually face that issue. So I would say go with big numbers.

The other thing to bear in mind is that your stats, yes, they need to be meaty, but also the need to be real. Don’t make stuff up. And this is particularly key from a trust perspective. So if let’s say you say, 90% of people can’t swim, I would really question the number and not only would I question that number, I would question everything else you’re going to say after that. So that’s why you need to make sure your numbers are, big and chunky and impressive. But also they’re actually true or at least believable. But yeah, make sure it’s true.

That brings us to the next point: the solution.

This solution is essentially your business is what you’re bringing to the table. So assuming that you know who you speaking to, you know what their main problems are and you’ve done your research and you’ve done your homework, now is the part of the explainer that you really need your business to shine. Why is your business the best solution to their problems? Why no other solution out there is as good as yours really? I would say, don’t expose too much of the competition and don’t do too much badmouthing, but it needs to be very clear why your business is the best thing since sliced bread.

And then you have how it works. This should be a few slides depending on how you structure your explainer.

Take users through the nuts and bolts of your business. And, not from your perspective, but from their perspective.

So if I’m the consumer, do I need to set up an account? Do I need to upload something? Is it my business card details that you need? What do you require from me? And how do I get from step a to step B, step C to actually solving my, my problem at the end? Right? You need to expose that aspect of your business and your solution. Once you’ve done that and assuming your story has a really good flow, which to be honest, if you have followed the step by step guides, I think you would have quite a strong flow anyway.

The last thing you need to be aware of is your call to action. I think this is where a lot of businesses don’t exactly get it right. And some of them just forget to put a strong call to action. Call to action really is what you want people to do. Do you want them to visit the website? Do you want them to apply? Do you want them to, give you their email? Maybe. It really depends on what you want them to do, that’s your call to action.

One little trick I’d say is you might want to include a voucher code or something that’s very particular to that video that you can then track. And why would you want to do that? You’d want to do that because if you have something like a tracking code or a voucher code, you’re going to be able to see who has seen the video and has performed an action off the back of it. In essence, you’re going to be able to measure the ROI of that video.

Even if you found a really cheap way of creating an explainer video, you still have some costs. They might be your time, it might be some somebody else’s time. So you really want to make sure that it’s working and that you’re getting your money’s worth.


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